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Clearbox Systems partners with the Australian National University on TechLauncher 2018

techlauncher2018TechLauncher is an Australian National University (ANU) initiative which enables students from any discipline to develop the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life and have a positive impact on our society.

Clearbox Systems is participating as a TechLauncher client whereby a team of five undergraduate students work out Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility one day a week.

The team are building a software tool based on a idea from Clearbox Systems’ R&D program. The team are mentored by Clearbox Systems’ Technology Development Manager and Executive Director.


Commercial Radio Australia extends DAB+ NMS support with Clearbox Systems.

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has extended the support of the Digital Audio Broadcast Plus (DAB+) Network Management System (NMS) with Clearbox Systems. The DAB+ NMS was designed, developed and delivered by Clearbox Systems for CRA’s Digital Radio network. The system has been supported by Clearbox Systems since delivery and the contract is now set to run until 2023.


Clearbox Systems to deploy Foresight software for Inmarsat Satellite Services

Clearbox Systems has been awarded a contract by Inmarsat to design and develop the Operational Monitoring and Control System (OMCS) using its Foresight software. The OMCS will provide a single portal for the operation of all Inmarsat Satellite Services. The software will be deployed as a service by Inmarsat for their customers with the first customer being the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Additional works are being conducted for the ADF deployment to achieve security accreditation inline with the elevated classification level of the data to be managed by the system.

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