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Clearbox Systems selected for WGS Ground Station support

Clearbox Systems has been selected by a Prime Contractor for a multi-year agreement to provide sustainment for an Australian Defence Force (ADF) Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) Ground Station. The sustainment covers the software control system delivered by Clearbox Systems that provides Equipment Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Service Scheduling.

The selection comes after a successful delivery of the system by Clearbox Systems and a period of interim support to assist the Prime Contractor in achieving their overall system acceptance with the ADF.

The sustainment services are provided out of Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility where engineers and technicians responsible for system delivery have transitioned to its support.

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Clearbox Systems to exhibit at MilCIS 2017

Clearbox Systems is exhibiting at MilCIS 2017, in Canberra 14-16 November.

During the show we will be demonstrating some of our offerings and talking about:

  1. Ensuring the ADF’s Satellite Communications provide Secure Communications with in built resilience and redundancy.
  2. Providing a capability edge to the ADF in C4ISR, EW and Space.
  3. How we, as Australian SME, closely collaborates with Defence and Primes to meet the challenges of the future.

Some of the products we will be demonstrating include:

  • Jigsaw, a software platform for realtime signal processing
  • Foresight, a software platform for assuring SATCOM network performance

And together with our partner, Kratos Communications, we will be demonstrating:

  • Tools for ensuring uptime of critical equipment infrastructure
  • Tools for protecting RF spectrum (monitoring, interference detection, signal geolocation and interference cancellation)



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Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems Signs Support Contract with Raytheon Australia

On Tuesday 4 April, Raytheon Australia signed a support contract with Clearbox Systems for the ongoing support of their Foresight CMC (Centralised Monitoring and Control) software product.

Raytheon Australia and Clearbox Systems have been partnering on JP2008 5B1 to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with increased mobile satellite communications, providing ADF personnel with access to wideband global satellite communications in the field and linking them to other units and to headquarters when necessary.

The Raytheon team are now incorporating Foresight CMC into the supplies being delivered to the Commonwealth, and once installed, the Foresight CMC will provide ADF Satellite Operations (SATOPS) personnel at the Defence Network Operations Centre (DNOC) the ability to remotely monitor and control the satellite transportable land terminals deployed in Australia and abroad.

While the acquisition part of the program is coming to a close, Raytheon Australia hold the support contract and will continue to work with Clearbox Systems and the Commonwealth on sustaining the equipment for the ADF until 2021.

Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems

Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems

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