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JP2008 Phase 5A

ADF UHF SATCOM Satellite Network Management System

$7 million award includes new planning and operating capability for more efficient use of UHF SATCOM resources.

Clearbox Systems is pleased to announce it has been selected by ViaSat Inc. to supply its Foresight Satellite Network Management software as the Network Control System Manager (NCSM) to run the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Network Control System (NCS). The NCS is being delivered to support the recently-launched ADF UHF capacity on IS-22 and other existing and future UHF SATCOM payloads, and is delivered under the JP2008 Phase 5A program.

“The capability provided through the NCS will utilise satellites in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and support the resources sharing partnership with the United States.” said Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Defence. “The Network Control System will become a critical component for UHF communications capability for ADF personnel operating in the Middle East.”

The core of the NCSM will be Clearbox Systems’ satellite Network Management and Planning software called Foresight. Foresight will provide a single interface for controlling the entire NCS. Foresight allows operators to plan and coordinate the use of satellite resources, manage operator workflows to stand up/down links and display live spectrum monitoring of active links. Foresight’s existing functionality will be enhanced to support interoperability of Legacy Narrowband TDMA Waveforms and the more efficient Integrated Waveform (IW) enabling and increase in channel efficiency and bandwidth.

JP2008 Phase 5A

Office Building Front

Clearbox Systems relocates to new high tech facility

Clearbox Systems has relocated to a new high tech / high security facility in Macquarie Park – home to a large number of major business parks and conference centres – approximately 15 kilometres from Sydney’s Central Business District.

The facility includes:

  • Purpose built laboratory space to support existing and future projects and extensive internal Research and Development programs;
  • Open-plan designed office space with room for continuing growth, and
  • Access to nearby public transport options including buses and Macquarie Park train station.

The building address is:

Suite 2, Level 2, 67 Epping Road
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113 Australia

Office Building Front


UHF Satellite Network System in Australia

$35 million award includes new Integrated Waveform for more efficient use of satellite capacity.

Carlsbad, Calif. – The Commonwealth of Australia Department of Defence (ADF) has selected ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ:VSAT) to supply the UHF Satellite Communication (Satcom) Mission System for its recently-launched UHF capacity on Intelsat IS-22. The system is designed to provide voice and data military satcom covering a region from the west coast of Africa to the east coast of Australia. The value of the award to ViaSat is approximately $35 million.

The IS-22 satellite launched March 26 with a hosted UHF payload – representing about 30 percent of the satellite’s total capacity – dedicated to ADF communications. The ability to serve small, mobile terminals used by ground, sea, and air forces in all types of terrain make UHF especially suited to military satcom.

“The Network Control System will use satellites in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions to support the resource sharing partnership with the United States,” said Stephen Smith, Australia Minister for Defence. “The NCS will become a critical component for UHF communications for ADF personnel operating in the Middle East.”

Partnering with Australian industry, ViaSat is responsible for providing a complete UHF Network Control System that includes system architecture, design, development, integration and test, site preparation, equipment procurement and installation, and ongoing support. The system is also designed to include the Integrated Waveform (IW) for channel control and network terminals, enabling an increase in channel efficiency and available bandwidth.

“I think our ability to deliver IW capability is the significant reason we were chosen for this award,” said Jerry Goodwin, VP Business Development at ViaSat. “That technology is something we feel is important to maintaining a leadership position in global UHF satcom systems and services.”

ViaSat UHF systems are installed in the U.S. and internationally, including Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


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