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ANU Techlauncher for Semester 1, 2020

Clearbox Systems is pleased to be involved with The Australian National University (ANU) Techlauncher program again for Semester 1, 2020.

TechLauncher is an initiative which enables students to develop the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life and have a positive impact on our society.

Alongside technical competence, these skills include communication and stakeholder management, critical thinking, design, teamwork (including multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and distributed teamwork), time management and many other generic skills required by employers in industry and government as well as by the research community

Our student team is being mentored by one of our talented engineers, Aidan Law. The students are creating a hardware and software system that can take an input from a sensor in order to track a moving object (e.g. a satellite).


Mike Johnson re-elected to the Board of the Australian Industry & Defence Network ACT

Congratulations to our own Mike Johnson who was re-elected to the board of AIDN-ACT at the AGM this week.

AIDN's mission is to assist members in maximising their profitability through networking and enhanced business opportunities with Defence and Defence prime contractors, and initiatives which improve management skills and experience.

Clearbox Systems is pleased to be a member of AIDN and continues to benefit from the tireless work and advocacy of the AIDN-ACT board.




Ramping up local electronics manufacturing capability

Back in 2007 we started out as a hardware company but soon decided that we should decided that we should stick to our software products as it was 'cheaper' to get the hardware elsewhere and because our customers did not care where it came from.

Since then attitudes have shifted. The provenance of supplies is scrutinised, policy makers have realised the importance of local manufacture, and customers see value rather than lower cost as one of their key drivers.

We've been taking note and have slowly been ramping up our hardware manufacturing again. So even though these GNSS boards are simple, it is pleasing to be able to manufacture them in our lab in Sydney. We're able to adapt our design to suit customer requirements (in this case, small form factor RF sensors), manage quality and most importantly maintain a level of self-sufficiency.



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