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We locally design, develop and manufacture innovative software and hardware solutions to provide a flexible and unique response to our customers needs.

Clearbox Systems continues to support TXA National Monitoring System

Multiple agreements will provide upgrades, expansion and ongoing support for 5 years

23 January 2017

Sydney, Australia – TXA and Clearbox Systems have announced the signing of a number of agreements that will see the TXA National Monitoring System (NMS) upgraded, expanded and then supported for the next 5 years.

The TXA NMS has been in use for over a decade by both TXA and TV Network personnel to manage equipment at over 60 television transmission or retransmission sites around Australia. The TXA NMS is built upon the Kratos Networks Compass™ equipment monitoring and control (M&C) product. Compass is a suite of software components that are configured and developed by Clearbox Systems to make up the TXA NMS.

Timothy Neall, General Manager Operations at TXA said, “Our NMS is a critical piece of infrastructure used in operations by our customers and our engineers and technicians to ensure continuity of TV broadcast.” Michael Ryder, General Manager Engineering at TXA added, “Given the criticality of our NMS we wanted to make sure that it remains up to date and well supported into the future. These upgrades and the working relationship between our respective teams will ensure we have the best system possible.”

Jeremy Hallett, Executive Director at Clearbox Systems concluded, “We are proud to be able to continue our relationship with TXA. These agreements are testament to the effort that both TXA and Clearbox Systems have invested in our relationship at all levels. We are looking forward to providing assurance to TXA’s NMS operations well into the future.”

About TXA

TX Australia (TXA) is a joint venture company owned equally by the three commercial metropolitan television networks, Seven, Nine and Ten. TXA:

  • Owns, operates, manages, engineers, maintains and markets transmission and retransmission facilities in the five major mainland metropolitan cities of Australia
  • Provides television transmission for broadcasters
  • Markets its infrastructure facilities to access seekers
  • Offers project management and technical maintenance services

About Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems is a leading supplier and integrator of Network Management and Spectrum Management systems for Defence, Government and Commercial sectors.

Clearbox Systems locally designs, develops and manufactures innovative software and hardware solutions to provide a flexible and unique response to their customer’s needs. These cost-effective and user friendly solutions are backed by a team of experienced integration and support engineers.

Clearbox Systems is a technology company focused on developing new approaches and techniques for the Operations and Management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Clearbox Systems signs with Raytheon Australia for ADF SATCOM support

Multi-year agreement supports key SATCOM management tools for ADF

Clearbox Systems, an Australian Small/Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), has signed a multi-year agreement with Raytheon Australia for the ongoing support of an ADF SATCOM management system. The Ground Segment Management System (GSMS) is an innovative, software-based solution that was designed and developed by Clearbox Systems to provide the monitoring and control function for key WGS anchor stations. It provides Equipment Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Service Scheduling to manage the lifecycle of SATCOM services including scheduling, activation, health monitoring, deactivation and logging.

Having successfully delivered the GSMS in 2015, this agreement will see the GSMS supported for years to come. The agreement includes a technical support help desk backed by ongoing engineering support (including enhancements to the system over its life) and maintenance support.

The services are provided out of Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility where engineers and technicians responsible for the system delivery have transitioned to its support.


Clearbox Systems at MilCIS 2016

Clearbox Systems will back exhibiting this year at the 2016 Military Communications and Information Systems Conference (MilCIS), so come and visit us and see what we have to offer.

Key Information:

When:  8-10 November 2016
Where: National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia


What will we be showcasing?


Clearbox Systems will have a live demonstration of Foresight. On display, will be Foresight’s ability to provide scheduling, monitoring and control of 100s transportable terminals deployed anywhere on a network.

Foresight is currently being deployed into JP2008 Phase 5B1

Compass (including Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager)

Clearbox Systems will have a live demonstration of Compass, a powerful equipment monitoring and control suite. As part of the demonstration Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager will be demonstrated.

Profile Manager is a Compass software component which allows the saving and restoring of equipment settings. Redundancy Manager extends Profile Manager’s functionality to provide automated configuration and cutover of redundant equipment under control of a Compass system.

Compass and its add-on products are currently being deployed into JP2008 Phases 3F, 4 and 5A

Monics 10.5 / Monics Enterprise Manager with MN200

Monics is a mature spectrum monitoring and interference detection system. Clearbox Systems will have a demonstration of the latest version of Monics (V10.5) and the new Monics Enterprwaterfallise Manager.

New features include:

  • Refreshed GUI
  • Windows Authentication with fine-grained user access control
  • Waterfall display
  • Improved logging and instrument status

Also, be sure to ask us about the MN200, a low-cost hardware add-on to Monics that it extends spectrum monitoring through a deployed network, including multiple spot beams.


SpectreSpectre Photo

Clearbox Systems’ latest product, Spectre will be demonstrated. Spectre is a high performance, scalable Analog RF to 10 GigE platform. Spectre enables both Transmit and Receive RF applications from 400MHz to 4GHz at 200MHz bandwidth with streaming to and from 10Gbit/s Ethernet.


Visit the booth to see SigX – a RF signal protection product that can be configured to automatically cancel interference in real time with no human intervention. SigX automatically detects and characterises interfering signals, then creates a cancelling signal to remove the interference and preserve the integrity of the protected link.

Support Services

Come and talk to us about our Support Services which extend beyond our product base and include Software Development, Hardware Engineering, On-site technicians and SATCOM Engineering.


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