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Clearbox Systems delivers SATCOM management software to DSTO

Clearbox Systems has successfully delivered and installed a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Monitoring and Control (M&C) System for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). The Capability Development Group (CDG) funded system was installed at DSTO’s SATCOM development facility in Edinburgh, SA.

The system is built upon the award winning Newpoint Compass management system with Mercury element managers installed at a number of antennas. Clearbox Systems also provided its acclaimed Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager products to provide equipment configuration management.

The installed Mercury units performed remote site monitoring of equipment located at each antenna with monitoring and control functionality replicated to a central system located in the control room. The central system also performs monitoring and control of baseband equipment, network equipment and UPS equipment.

To tailor the system specific to DSTO’s needs, Clearbox Systems performed software development to integrate the equipment into the system. This included the specialist development of a driver for the antenna server controller which is used to point the antennas based on Azimuth/Elevation or Two Line Element (TLE) user inputs.

To increase the value of the system in the future, Clearbox Systems gave advanced developer courses to DSTO engineers. This equips the DSTO with the knowledge required to continue to modify and configure the system to meet requirements.

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Case Study – Telstra

Clearbox Systems has undertaken installation of a Satellite Monitoring and Control System (M&C) for Telstra. The system was installed at Telstra’s satellite services facility in Bendigo.

The NMS provides visibility of Satellite Ground Station (SGS) equipment on a remote Pacific island.

The key tasks performed on the project were:
  • Interface with legacy equipment;
  • Achieving Newpoint Compass stability over low bandwidth, dial-up modems and high latency, satellite links;
  • Site specific automation of tedious login procedures reducing a 10 minute manual procedure to a 1 minute automatic connect;
  • Specialist software development;
  • Custom graphical and representation of devices and functionality.

The installation included use of Newpoint Compass, of which Clearbox Systems is an authorised reseller.

Clearbox Systems to deliver WGS Ground Segment Management System

Clearbox Systems is excited to announce a new project win requiring Clearbox Systems to work with one of Australia’s largest Defence contractors, BAE Systems Australia.

The project, being the Ground Segment Management System (GSMS) component of the JP 2008 Phase 3F program, enhances and extends the Australian Defence Force Satellite Communications Capability (ADSCC) through the design and construct of a new satellite ground station and the introduction of a new agile network management system. The new satellite ground station will interface deployed forces accessing the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system with the Defence Wide Area Network, and Australian Defence.

Clearbox Systems will be contracted through Newpoint Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. The project is due to be operational by 2013. The win, worth in excess of AUD $1 million, underpins Clearbox Systems’ expertise in ground station management systems and its ability to deliver cutting-edge software systems.

When BAE Systems Australia invited US-based Newpoint Technologies to bid for the complex monitoring and control system, Newpoint Technologies recommended Clearbox Systems, its local Australian partner, for delivery of the project. Wally Martland, President of Newpoint Technologies Inc. stated, “We have a long history with Clearbox and they have more than proven their ability to deliver world-class systems. Their local presence and technical capabilities made this an easy decision for us.”

Clearbox will build on Newpoint Technologies’ Compass platform and the Monics system, provided by SAT Corporation, also a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. “Compass provides a mature and flexible platform upon which we can build some very sophisticated systems,” said Paul Solomon, Managing Director of Clearbox Systems. “It provides all the core functionality out of the box and allows us to focus on the key areas of customisation and innovation without needing to re-invent the wheel. One of its key strengths is its extensive open API which allows us to hook into any aspect of the system”.

The GSMS will provide the capability of automated service level management of satellite traffic, easing operator workload and providing failsafe uplink services. Securing this win moves Clearbox Systems one step closer to its goal of being the preeminent Australian Monitoring and Control solutions provider.