We have specialisations in Equipment and Sensor Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Management, and Network Management.

Clearbox Systems introduces Business Development Manager role

Clearbox Systems is pleased to announce that Mike Johnson has joined the company in a newly created leadership role as Business Development Manager.

Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, said the appointment would accelerate Clearbox Systems pursuit of its strategic goal of becoming the leading provider of technology solutions for the operations and management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

“We are very pleased to have secured Mike for this role. He is an experienced executive leader, with strong achievements in telecommunications and a sound aerospace and aviation background. He also understands how an SME needs to operate in our key Defence market given he is a board member of the ACT chapter of the The Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN),” said Mr Hallett.

“After 13 years of successful operations we are a mature business with leading technology solutions and I am excited to have Mike on board to drive this new phase of growth.”

Mike will be based out of Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility.

Further Information

Jeremy Hallett


02 9114 6164

Mike Johnson


0433 155 188



Clearbox Systems receives ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2013 certification for Quality and Information Security Management Systems

Clearbox Systems has successfully had its Quality Management System (QMS) certified to the ISO9001:2015 QMS standard.

When implemented, the ISO9001:2015 standard assists business performance improvement and provides a sound basis for consistently delivering products and services that meet stakeholder’s requirements.

Further, Clearbox Systems has successfully had its Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified to the ISO27001:2013 ISMS standard.

When implemented, the ISO27001:2013 standard helps to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying risk management processes to adequately manage threats.

The activities to ensure the QMS and ISMS were suitable to undertake certification activities were supported by a Capability Improvement Grant from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).




Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd and Kythera Space Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd and Kythera Space Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Dynamic Satellite and Ground Network Control Solution Addresses the Future Needs of the Australian Defence Force’s SATCOM Program


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory and Bethesda, Maryland — 9 September 2019 — Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading provider of SATCOM ground control systems, and Prime Contractor for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) SATCOM ground control element, and Kythera Space Solutions, the industry leader in dynamic management systems for next-generation satellites and networks, announced today they have entered into a strategic partnership to offer a joint space and ground control solution that supports ADF’s SATCOM vision and roadmap.

The future SATCOM operational environment is demanding, congested, and contested. To meet the challenge, ADF requires SATCOM solutions that provide dynamic, responsive, resilient communications that are highly flexible, agile, interoperable, and supportable. The Clearbox-Kythera solution leverages Clearbox’s full complement of ground control systems that support ADF today, coupled with Kythera’s advanced Dynamic Satellite Network Operating System to enable autonomous satellite operations that dynamically delivers optimized communications service with unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility, and resiliency.

The Clearbox-Kythera solution promises to usher in a new era of assured mission supportability for ADF, with the ability to exploit the latest flexible, processor-enabled, High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as well as legacy in-orbit assets to provide the highest quality communications service and minute-by-minute adaptability to changes in operational needs, environmental conditions, and threats.

“The ADF’s next generation SATCOM systems are increasingly complex, and ADF is rightly demanding solutions that provide flexibility and agility as well as resilience and redundancy,” said Jeremy Hallett, Executive Director at Clearbox Systems. “Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System enables us to meet these challenges head-on, providing ADF with unprecedented levels of dynamic, predictive, and responsive satellite service.”

“The ADF talks about needing to be able to build a next-generation SATCOM service capable of responding to mission changes and adverse changes in capability within minutes,” noted Dr. Jeffrey Freedman, CEO of Kythera. “This is exactly what Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System is designed to do. With Clearbox, we are able to orchestrate space network assets and ground network components in real-time for optimized mission performance under the most demanding circumstances.”

Clearbox Systems will be demonstrating both Kythera and Clearbox Systems products at MILCIS 2019 November 12-14 in Canberra.


About Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems is a technology company focused on developing new approaches and techniques for the Operation and Management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Developed in Australia and leveraging the best of our local and international partners, Clearbox Systems’ innovative software and hardware solutions are deployed spanning Satellite Communications, Television and Radio Broadcast, Air Traffic Control, Terrestrial Networks and Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW).


About Kythera Space Solutions

Kythera Space Solutions is the leading provider of dynamic management systems for next generation satellite payloads and networks. Sophisticated communication satellites with channelization and beam forming capabilities promise satellite operators and their customers extraordinary flexibility, but at the risk of newfound complexity. Kythera’s intelligent Dynamic Space Network Operating System makes it easy to harness the power of the most advanced high-throughput satellites in the most complex satellite constellations.



 Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd

Jeremy Hallett

+61 414 325 088



Kythera Space Solutions

Andy Musliner

+1 301 452 0592



Clearbox Systems at DSEI 2019

Clearbox Systems is heading to DSEI in London in September as part of the Team Defence Australia delegation.

Please visit us at the Team Defence Australia (S10-200) to talk to us about our capabilities in SATCOM & Space, Advanced ISREW Sensors and Cryptography.

We are export ready and have some world-leading capabilities in use with the Australian Defence Force.

Our Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, will be in attendance. Please get in touch if you would like to set up a meeting.


Australian Defence awards Clearbox Systems crypto innovation project

Clearbox Systems has been awarded a contract from the Australian Department of Defence Innovation Hub to develop a standalone software tool for the generation and management of cryptographic keys. The technology will delivery significant operational efficiencies across Australian Defence.

In announcing the award, Minister for Defence Industry, The Hon Melissa Price MP highlighted the investment by Defence in a local company that will see a strengthening of the Australian Defence Industrial Base and leading-edge, sovereign capabilities for Defence.





DAB+ turns 10 in Australia

Digital Radio in Australia is now 10 years old and we are proud to have been involved from the beginning. We have built and continue to sustain multiple network management and operations solutions for both commercial and public broadcasters. More recently we have delivered the systems that extended Digital Radio to include Canberra, Darwin and Hobart. As listener numbers continue to increase rapidly we look forward to supporting the technology into the future.


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SATCOM Control Software put through its paces at Talisman Sabre 2019

Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 (TS19) is a bilateral combined Australian and United States (US) training activity. TS19 is designed to practise respective military services and associated agencies in planning and conducting Combined and Joint Task Force operations, and improve combat readiness and interoperability between Australian and US forces.

One aspect of this is high-data rate, beyond line of site communications, a capability that is significantly provided by the US Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system. WGS is the backbone of the US and Australian military’s global satellite communications providing flexible and high-capacity communications. Australia is an International Partner of WGS through an MoU which saw Australia fund the 6th satellite in the constellation.

Australia accesses the constellation through a network of groundstations deployed around Australia and the world. These groundstations are operated remotely from a central location using a system designed, developed and deployed by Clearbox Systems known as the Ground Segment Management System (GSMS). The GSMS is an innovative, software-based solution that provides remote monitoring and control, spectrum monitoring and management, and service management covering the lifecycle of WGS services including scheduling, activation, health monitoring, deactivation and logging.

Deployments of the GSMS recently completed significant upgrades to address emerging operational requirements, incorporate new technologies and resolve obsolescence issues. The upgraded GSMS entered service in time to be operated for TS19 enabling the WGS capability for the 34,000 military personnel, 30 ships and 200 aircraft from US and Australian forces as well as the UK, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.


Team Defence Australia and Clearbox Systems at Navy League’s Sea Air Space Expo

The Navy League’s Sea Air Space exposition is the largest maritime exposition in the US, showcasing the latest in technology and equipment across 327 exhibits and attracting industry-leading speakers sharing their insights on the happenings of the sea, air, and space.

Clearbox Systems will unite with some of Australia’s leading defence companies as a part of the Team Defence Australia delegation. Team Defence Australia will be seeking for all participating companies to gain access to new markets with their export-ready products.

Clearbox Systems will be presenting its Foresight software – ready to deploy at sea or on shore – to manage communications networks and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Team Defence Australia’s exhibit details:

Booth: 1103
Venue: Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD
Date: 6 – 8 May 2019

To find out more details about Navy League’s Sea Air Space Expo 2019, head to www.seaairspace.org.


US Military customer selects Clearbox Systems for Baseband Network Control Element

Clearbox Systems has been selected to design and develop software to perform as the Baseband Network Control Element. The software controls complex baseband switching and routing devices deployed across the United States to provide centralised operation and control.

The first phase of the project has been successfully completed with the delivered software passing testing and deployed into operation. A second phase is in progress for delivery in the coming months.

Managing Director, Greg Reid; Mick Gentleman MLA and Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett

Clearbox Systems enjoys hugely successful Avalon Airshow 2019

Clearbox Systems enjoyed a hugely successful Avalon Airshow 2019 including a combination of key announcements, speaking engagements, forging of partnerships, and VIP interactions and demonstration.

Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, speaking at the Australian Space Industry Conference.

Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, speaking at the Australian Space Industry Conference.


The week began with Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, appearing as a panellist at the Australian Space Industry Conference that was held alongside the Avalon Airshow.

The panel explored the question “Where will the growth come from – Australian Small-to-Medium Enterprises”. One key conclusion of the panel that the Australian market is not big enough and that growth will come from export and leveraging the international engagements of the Australian Space Agency. Another theme was that for SMEs growth cannot come by going it alone and that collaboration and partnerships will lead to more opportunities.



Using Internet of (Sensor) Things to perform TDOA Geolocation.

Using Internet of (Sensor) Things to perform TDOA Geolocation.


The bulk of Clearbox Systems’ participation was alongside the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) showcasing developments from the Jericho Dawn 17/4 networked sensor integration trials. Technology Development Manager, Tim Spitzer, was kept busy explaining our contribution to expanding the technical interoperability across suites of sensors for distributed intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare (ISREW).






Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Vince Di Pietro and Executive Director of Clearbox Systems, Jeremy Hallett

Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Vince Di Pietro and Executive Director of Clearbox Systems, Jeremy Hallett

As previously reported, Clearbox Systems has been selected for the Lockheed Martin Mentor-Protégé program where we will receive support and guidance to enhance access opportunities into the global supply chain and sustainable business growth.

The Mentor-Protégé relationship is based on a highly successful US program where Lockheed Martin will act as a Mentor to Clearbox Systems to provide dedicated assistance and market advice to open opportunities for technology transfer, innovation and local skilled jobs.




We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have a number of VIP engagements which provided an opportunity to explain the broader Clearbox Systems focus as well as demonstrate the system on display at the Airshow.

Executive Director, Jeremy and ACT Government Minister, Mick Gentleman MLA

Executive Director, Jeremy and ACT Government Minister, Mick Gentleman MLA

Managing Director, Greg Reid; Mick Gentleman MLA and Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett

Managing Director, Greg Reid; Mick Gentleman MLA and Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett

Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett; Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC and Mr Nick Champion MP

Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett; Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC and Mr Nick Champion MP