Clearbox Systems partners with the Australian National University on TechLauncher 2018

techlauncher2018TechLauncher is an Australian National University (ANU) initiative which enables students from any discipline to develop the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life and have a positive impact on our society.

Clearbox Systems is participating as a TechLauncher client whereby a team of five undergraduate students work out Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility one day a week.

The team are building a software tool based on a idea from Clearbox Systems’ R&D program. The team are mentored by Clearbox Systems’ Technology Development Manager and Executive Director.


Commercial Radio Australia extends DAB+ NMS support with Clearbox Systems.

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has extended the support of the Digital Audio Broadcast Plus (DAB+) Network Management System (NMS) with Clearbox Systems. The DAB+ NMS was designed, developed and delivered by Clearbox Systems for CRA’s Digital Radio network. The system has been supported by Clearbox Systems since delivery and the contract is now set to run until 2023.


Clearbox Systems to deploy Foresight software for Inmarsat Satellite Services

Clearbox Systems has been awarded a contract by Inmarsat to design and develop the Operational Monitoring and Control System (OMCS) using its Foresight software. The OMCS will provide a single portal for the operation of all Inmarsat Satellite Services. The software will be deployed as a service by Inmarsat for their customers with the first customer being the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Additional works are being conducted for the ADF deployment to achieve security accreditation inline with the elevated classification level of the data to be managed by the system.

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Clearbox Systems selected for WGS Ground Station support

Clearbox Systems has been selected by a Prime Contractor for a multi-year agreement to provide sustainment for an Australian Defence Force (ADF) Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) Ground Station. The sustainment covers the software control system delivered by Clearbox Systems that provides Equipment Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Service Scheduling.

The selection comes after a successful delivery of the system by Clearbox Systems and a period of interim support to assist the Prime Contractor in achieving their overall system acceptance with the ADF.

The sustainment services are provided out of Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility where engineers and technicians responsible for system delivery have transitioned to its support.

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Clearbox Systems to exhibit at MilCIS 2017

Clearbox Systems is exhibiting at MilCIS 2017, in Canberra 14-16 November.

During the show we will be demonstrating some of our offerings and talking about:

  1. Ensuring the ADF’s Satellite Communications provide Secure Communications with in built resilience and redundancy.
  2. Providing a capability edge to the ADF in C4ISR, EW and Space.
  3. How we, as Australian SME, closely collaborates with Defence and Primes to meet the challenges of the future.

Some of the products we will be demonstrating include:

  • Jigsaw, a software platform for realtime signal processing
  • Foresight, a software platform for assuring SATCOM network performance

And together with our partner, Kratos Communications, we will be demonstrating:

  • Tools for ensuring uptime of critical equipment infrastructure
  • Tools for protecting RF spectrum (monitoring, interference detection, signal geolocation and interference cancellation)



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Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems Signs Support Contract with Raytheon Australia

On Tuesday 4 April, Raytheon Australia signed a support contract with Clearbox Systems for the ongoing support of their Foresight CMC (Centralised Monitoring and Control) software product.

Raytheon Australia and Clearbox Systems have been partnering on JP2008 5B1 to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with increased mobile satellite communications, providing ADF personnel with access to wideband global satellite communications in the field and linking them to other units and to headquarters when necessary.

The Raytheon team are now incorporating Foresight CMC into the supplies being delivered to the Commonwealth, and once installed, the Foresight CMC will provide ADF Satellite Operations (SATOPS) personnel at the Defence Network Operations Centre (DNOC) the ability to remotely monitor and control the satellite transportable land terminals deployed in Australia and abroad.

While the acquisition part of the program is coming to a close, Raytheon Australia hold the support contract and will continue to work with Clearbox Systems and the Commonwealth on sustaining the equipment for the ADF until 2021.

Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems

Jim Gardener, GM Joint Battlespace Systems & Greg Reid, Managing Director Clearbox Systems


Clearbox Systems celebrates 10 years since founding

Australian SME marks 10 year anniversary on February 17, 2017

Clearbox Systems opened its doors in Sydney on February 17, 2007. Founder, Paul Solomon, launched the business with the aim to bring to life a number of technologies to help make communications systems easier to use, more efficient and more reliable.

A culture was quickly set that embraces integrity, seeks the best solutions for customers and has a drive for technical excellence.

Today, Clearbox Systems has expanded to two locations, one in Sydney and one in Canberra. It has locally designed, developed and manufactured systems that are deployed into critical communications systems across Defence, Government and Commercial sectors covering technology such as Satellite Communications, Air Traffic Control, TV Transmission and Digital Radio.

Its future is secured with a number of large projects in progress and a number of long term support contracts underway.

Looking back – 10 years of products and projects

The following is a timeline of key product and project milestones over the last 10 years.

February 2007 Clearbox Systems Founded
March 2008 nControl launched, providing a low cost, low SWAP solution for remote monitoring and control
June 2008 Delivered systems for Digital Radio for both Commercial Radio Australia and the ABC
March 2009 Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager launched providing equipment parameter management and equipment redundancy management
September 2009 First Defence project, delivering a WGS SATCOM Ground Segment Management System
March 2010 n2 launched provided a leap in function and power from the nControl
April 2010 Delivered system for TV Transmission for TX Australia
March 2011 Foresight launched, providing a toolbox of Centralised M&C, Tactical M&C and Satellite Spectrum Management
May 2011 Delivered Satellite Radio Interchange system for the ABC
February 2012 First export of Profile Manager product
October 2012 Relocation to Sydney secure facility which still serves as corporate headquarters
March 2013 Delivered UHF Spectrum Monitoring system to Defence
April 2014 Delivered WGS SATCOM Ground Segment Management System to Defence
May 2015 Delivered WGS SATCOM Terminal Management system to Defence
November 2015 Establishment of permanent, secure location in Canberra
March 2016 Spectre Launched, providing a high performance, scalable Analog RF to 10 GigE platform.
December 2016 Signed multiple long term support contracts with multiple customers

Change in leadership

At the 10 year anniversary of Clearbox Systems, Founder and Managing Director, Paul Solomon, has decided to step down. Current COO, Greg Reid, will become Managing Director effective, immediately.

Paul will remain Chairman of the board and will continue day-to-day as Technical Director where he will guide the company’s Product Development and R&D activities as well a provide mentoring to engineering and technical staff.

Greg steps up as Managing Director after joining Clearbox Systems as COO in 2012. Greg spent 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy in operational and project roles, and 10 years in the Broadcast industry before joining Clearbox Systems.

As Managing Director, Greg will continue to champion the Project Management, Engineering and Quality functions within the company and will have a more visible presence as an influence and advocate of Clearbox Systems within the marketplace.

Current Executive Director, Jeremy Hallett, will remain in his role driving Strategy and Business Development, Support Services and managing the operations of the Canberra facility.



Clearbox Systems enters agreement to represent Digidia products in Australia

Move positions both companies for success in emerging DAB+ expansion opportunities

25 January 2017

Sydney, Australia and La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz, France – Digidia and Clearbox Systems have announced they have entered an agreement for Clearbox Systems to represent Digidia’s DAB and Synchronous FM product lines in Australia.

The move will see engineers and technicians from Clearbox Systems trained in the Digidia product suite to allow for Clearbox Systems to provide system design and integration, sales engineering and after-sales support for the Digidia range.

Pascal Olivier, President at Digidia commented on the agreement saying, “We know our product-line can successfully compete on the world stage. Our agreement with Clearbox Systems means that in Australia our products are backed by the right local technical expertise and support, increasing our competitiveness further.”

Greg Reid, Chief Operating Officer at Clearbox Systems went on to say, “Along with our contribution to Australia’s existing DAB+ systems, this agreement positions us well to contribute to the emerging DAB+ expansion and regional rollout in Australia. With the Digidia product line being software-based it allows us to leverage our existing software expertise to deliver the best solution to our customers.”

For sales enquiries contact Clearbox Systems at or call 02 9114 6164.

About Digidia

Digidia has emerged as one of the leading companies for digital radio transmission equipment with more than 300 installations around the world covering Synchronous FM, DAB/DAB+/DMB and DRM30/DRM+. The installations cover a broad and complete product line including multiplexers, content servers, modulators, IP gateways, monitoring equipment, professional receivers, encoders, decoders and tunnel break-in products.

Digidia leads the way with its straight forward design for innovative, compact and flexible products. All products are IP based and contain the latest COFDM and Software Defined Radio technology on state of the art PC and GPP/FPGA/DSP platforms.

About Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems is a leading supplier and integrator of Communications Equipment, Network Management and Spectrum Management systems for Defence, Government and Commercial sectors.

Clearbox Systems locally designs, develops and manufactures innovative software and hardware solutions to provide a flexible and unique response to their customer’s needs. These cost-effective and user friendly solutions are backed by a team of experienced integration and support engineers.

Clearbox Systems is a technology company focused on developing new approaches and techniques for the Operations and Management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Clearbox Systems signs with Raytheon Australia for ADF SATCOM support

Multi-year agreement supports key SATCOM management tools for ADF

Clearbox Systems, an Australian Small/Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), has signed a multi-year agreement with Raytheon Australia for the ongoing support of an ADF SATCOM management system. The Ground Segment Management System (GSMS) is an innovative, software-based solution that was designed and developed by Clearbox Systems to provide the monitoring and control function for key WGS anchor stations. It provides Equipment Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Service Scheduling to manage the lifecycle of SATCOM services including scheduling, activation, health monitoring, deactivation and logging.

Having successfully delivered the GSMS in 2015, this agreement will see the GSMS supported for years to come. The agreement includes a technical support help desk backed by ongoing engineering support (including enhancements to the system over its life) and maintenance support.

The services are provided out of Clearbox Systems’ Canberra facility where engineers and technicians responsible for the system delivery have transitioned to its support.