Systems Integration


Clearbox Systems provides complete turnkey System Integration solutions specially tailored to meet customer’s needs.

Clearbox Systems has proficiencies in System Design, Software and Hardware Development, Project Management and Support.

System Design

Clearbox Systems has the expertise and experience to provide cost effective system designs. By communicating clearly with our customers we are able to identify their needs and tailor a solution accordingly.

The importance of having an intelligent system design is in providing a solution which is cost and time effective both in delivery and use of the system.

Software and Hardware Expertise

Clearbox Systems has in-house software and hardware development expertise to deliver solutions which are flexible enough to account for different architectures including large distributed networks, large centralised systems and small isolated systems.

For providing remote monitoring or control capability of equipment Clearbox Systems has experience with interfaces including RS232, RS485, RS422, GPIO, GPIB, SNMP and Proprietary TCP in both binary and ASCII formats.

For satellite communications systems Clearbox Systems has the unique ability to integrate all key functionality into a single intelligent, efficient system including:

  • Spectrum Planning using Foresight SSP;
  • Device Monitoring, Control and Automation using Newpoint Compass, Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager; and
  • Spectrum Monitoring using SAT Monics.
Project Management

Clearbox Systems recognises the importance of delivering projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Our Project Delivery Teams have experience delivering multi-year and multi-phase defence and government programmes, successfully meeting all technical and documentation requirements.


Clearbox Systems provides 24/7/365 remote support services for a number of systems around Australia. Support Engineers have the experience and expertise to understand and repair system faults in a timely manner.

Clearbox Systems has the capability to undertake regular scheduled maintenance visits to customer installations to ensure system stability in the long term.